The Burlington Kendo & Iaido Club

  • The Way of the Sword and Spirit –

Kendo is a sword-based martial art. Its practice teaches respect, focus, discipline and it is a great cardio workout.

Iaido is the art of simultaneously drawing and cutting with the sword. We practice Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu and ZNKR style that is uniquely Japanese and is a focused, physical and mental discipline.


Mondays: 7:30 – 9:30 PM.

New members are welcome! Drop in for a free practice to see if kendo is right for you!

Practice runs every Monday, except for Holiday Mondays. Practice starts in September on the first Monday after Labour Day, and continues until June.

For practice cancellations, check Burlington Kendo Club’s Facebook group for the latest updates.

Drop in for a free practice session. All ages welcome!

Warm-up suburi exercises


Tansley Woods Community Centre (Gymnasium)

1996 Itabashi Way
Burlington, Ontario L7M 4J8






Yamashita Sensei, 6th Dan Renshi Kendo

Having traveled the world as a multi-time member of Team Canada, he has been a Kendo player since his youth. Affiliated with the Etobicoke Kendo Club, the Burlington Club is lucky to have him as Head Instructor.


Patricia McRitchie, 4th Dan Iaido.

She is the head of the Iaido section of the club.

Membership Fees

$35 / month

If you are thinking of joining, don’t worry about fees for the first few weeks. Just try out the practice for free!

When you decide to join, you can pay $350 for the year or pro-rated for the number of months ahead.

Payable to “Burlington Kendo Club”.
Please submit cheque to Yamashita-Sensei or Mann-Sensei (Treasurer).

As in the case with all Kendo Clubs, the Burlington Kendo Club’s instructors are volunteers, and are not paid for their instruction. We are a non-profit club, and our monthly fee of $35 merely helps to cover club costs such as facility rental and dojo fee toward the Ontario Kendo Federation (OKF).

You must also register with the Canadian Kendo Federation, which has an annual membership fee of $35 every January, payable directly through their website.

Structure of Practice

A typical practice at the club consists of stretching and warm-up exercises to start, followed by basic footwork, strikes, or stylized forms (kata), and finishing with sparring (keiko).

Beginners will practice the basic strikes and footwork both on their own, and with partners (motodachi), who will provide the targets for them.

Senior Players will practice with each other in full armour (bogu).

Uchikomi drills


When can I join?

You can come any time we have class. You don’t have to wait until a new semester starts. If you decide to join the club, your membership fees are also pro-rated for the remaining number of months.

Can I watch?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, there are always several people watching us through the large windows to the gym. If you want a better view, come right into the gym and get a closer look!

(Bonus tip: if you come between 7:15-7:30 pm, you can come chat with the instructors and other members before practice starts.)

Do I need to register before coming?

No, it’s not necessary. However, if you are coming as a large group (or with several kids), send us a message so we can prepare enough shinai (bamboo swords) for everyone.

What should I wear on my first visit?

Standard gym clothing would be fine (T-shirt, gym shorts or pants). Since kendo is practice barefoot, there’s no shoe requirement, but you may find sports tape or bandaids useful for your feet if you’re not used to walking barefoot. We will lend you a shinai (bamboo sword) for your first few practices.

As a member from another kendo dojo, can I join your practice?

Yes, any time! There is no fee, as long as you are already a CKF member at another dojo. Just give us a heads-up on our Facebook page or send us an email.

Before your first session, please read the Beginners Basics.